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Sister Ave Clark, O.P.M.A.M.S.M.P.S.

Sisters of St. Domenic, Amityville, NY

Certified Pastoral Counselor


Discovering Our True Selves:
The Gift Of Healing Behind
The Mask We Wear


The Fisherman
A True Friend
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Fr Richard Rohr, OFM is a Franciscan  of the New Mexico Province
and founder of the Center for Action and contemplation in
Alburquerque, NM.
To read his article, "Contemplation And Compassion:
The Second Gaze"

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When I read or hear something from a homily, an article, a commentary or scripture that touches my heart and leads me to conversion or truth, I internalize it and work on it until it becomes part of who I am. It is my insight into spirituality. It is my stepping stone on the journey to a more Christ-like attitude. You can use my insights but I really encourage you to develop your own.

Peggy Christie-Walkuski
50 years varied teaching experience.
20 years: Creation, development and implementation
of FACES of Addiction, Inc.
 (Family Awareness & Community Educational Services);
including. 14 years - "Rainbows & Roses"
 Retreat, the Sunday after Easter,
Mount Manresa, S.I. with Rev.Joseph Finnerty, S.J.
Spiritual Advisor which offered awareness
and emorional/spiritual support and healing
from addictions rooted in a Judaic/Christian
pastoral ministry integrated with A.A. 12 Step Way of life.
10 years - "Healing the Precious Child Within" curriculum;
yearly week-end Retreat offered at
St. Ursala Retreat House, Blue Point, L.I.
Curricula and seminars were developed to meet the needs of
individuals, and specific group(s) upon request.
Presently Editor/Writer of the monthly
 Our Lady of the Snows Parish Respect Life News Note,
Floral Park, Queens, NY.

To Read her article "Discovering Our True Selves:
The Gift Of Healing Behind The mask We Wear

Psalm 139

The Promise of Divination

Sirach 51:12-20

“Reprinted with permission of The Word Among Us,, 1-800-775-9673

When you feel defeated yet again by the

same old sins, know that Jesus has

redeemed you. Even when you feel

powerless against temptation, rejoice in

your salvation. God sees your struggles.

He knows your anxieties. He sees how

hard you are trying, and he honors every

effort you make. When you fall, he does

not turn away. He comes closer, offering

his mercy and healing. Hour by hour,

minute by minute, he stands by you,

pouring out grace and comfort.

“Reprinted with permission of The Word

Among Us,, 1-800-775-


The Upper Room Prayer Group

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