Phase Two- Implementation


Prayer leads to relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and in doing so, with greater knowledge of

God.Through prayer, we can realize its ultimate goal, the experience of presence of God. Although we may not get

there often, when we do, we can understand why the saints call it ecstasy.  And in God’s presence, He wants to fill

our hearts with everlasting love and insurmountable joy.  God wants us to feel His indescribable peace and be

energized by His grace.


The Father

 “When the Father looks down from heaven, He does not see sins. He sees the blood of his Son washing me

clean. He does not see weakness and failures. He sees me clothed in the strength and dignity of Christ. As he

looks down from heaven, He sees me spotlessly pure and filled with his Spirit. The Father sees me in the light of

his perfect plan and intentions for my life.”

 Sample prayer to the Father:

           “Father of glory, all I am and all I have comes from you. I yield myself to you. With a deep breath, I will

welcome your Spirit and release the anxieties that weigh me down. I give you back the mind you have given me.

Empty it, Father, of useless information and fill it the only knowledge that matters: personal acquaintance with you.

            Father, I you offer my imagination. Grant me the vision of your glory. Enable me to penetrate beyond

appearances and gaze with awe upon the riches of your glorious inheritance in the saints, especially the saints

who come to the table with me day by day.

            Father, I offer my emotions, so often caught up in immediate events, so seldom stirred by your nearness. I

want to feel what you feel as you embrace the wounded world to redeem and transform it into the fullness of your


“Reprinted with permission of The Word Among Us,, 1-800-775-9673.”


Now it’s time for you to create your own prayer to the Father. You don’t have to use all the elements of prayer but

you can if you wish. The most important thing is that it comes from your heart.







The Father continued

 “He looks upon me as his precious child, whom He created in love. He sees his plan to bless me unfolding in my

family, my church and my neighborhood. He sees me who can be filled with His presence. He sees me as a child

without shame, clamoring to sit close to the Father. He sees me fall asleep in His peace, even in the midst of the

difficult circumstances of life. He sees my excitement when His words in the scripture suddenly come alive.”

 Sample Prayer to the Father:

            “Heavenly Father, how wonderful you are! You see into every part of my life and care for me without

hesitation. I love you. I trust you with my life. I am content to look at you and see all that you are, and all that you

desire for me.”

“Reprinted with permission of The Word Among Us,, 1-800-775-9673.”

            Formulate another prayer to the Father: practice makes perfect.








The Son

 “Come to me. Yes, you. You are exactly who I mean. Your sin isn’t an obstacle, for all have sinned, but all are

justified by me sacrifice on the cross. If you feel far away, come. If you have given into temptation, harbored

bitterness, or lashed out in anger, come. If you have felt the sting of despair or feel cloaked in guilt or shame,

come. Even if you don’t believe that I want to give you a taste of my mercy and love, come. Come and see how

much I can do in your heart.

            Come, you who labor and are burdened. I will give you rest: rest from the weight of responsibility, the load

of sorrow, the burden of fear that you are carrying. I will give you rest from uncertainty, doubt, and insecurity that

slows your steps. I will give you rest from constant activity, the exhausting demands of work and home, of caring

for elderly parents or young children. I will give you rest from the faithful service that you give me every day. Come

and rest with me and I will restore your energy.

            Take my yoke upon you. Come, bind yourself to me in love. I promise it will be a joy, not a burden. Let me

show you my love today. Let me surprise you with the weightlessness of it. Love, streaming from my Father’s

heart, overflowing from the two of us, and pouring into your heart through the Holy Spirit. I have fashioned my yoke

to fit you exactly. I have created you to wear it and learn under it in ways that are unique to you. I will not force it on

you. Choose it and let it bring you relief.

            Come, my yoke is easy, and my burden is light. What makes it so easy? It’s my love and my life. You can

carry it everywhere you go today and it will give you strength and energy. I know what else you are carrying in your

hands and in your heart. But come and let me show you how to carry it all. Don’t let anything hold you back. Come

and embrace my weakness and humility. I promise that you will find rest for yourself.”

“Reprinted with permission of The Word Among Us,, 1-800-775-9673.”

Sample prayer to the Son:

            Here I am, Lord. I am yours.

 Create your own prayer to the Son:








Phase One-Instruction

What is a Practicum?

A practicum is a part of a course in which you not only learn the source material in a field but also do

practical work in that particular field. In a practicum on prayer not only do we learn how to pray but we also

practice praying.


What do you expect to get from this practicum? Place your answer on line 1 below.










    How do we introduce ourselves to God? God is the general term for the Triune God, the three persons of

the Trinity or the Godhead. As we all know, there are three separate and distinct persons in the Trinity, the

Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. We begin by introducing ourselves to each one independently.

What do we call Them? Relationship is not we, but you! Your relationship is one on one, individually with

God. Refer to the list of names for God in the Bible. Pick out a name for each person of the Trinity. The

name should be special to you and reflect depth of the intimacy you expect to accomplish in the

relationship. When you enter into prayer, use this special name to address the person of the Trinity with

which you want to interact . As you go through the lists you are gaining knowledge of God!

Names for The Father in the Bible:

I Am, Most High God, Almighty God, Everlasting God, Yahweh, Abba, Father, Lord Almighty, Lord God of

Israel, The Living God, The Almighty, The Creator, The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. There are more

but these are the most recognizable.

 Names for Jesus in the Bible:

The Son, Beloved Son, The Deliverer, Master, Redeemer, Lord, The Man, Son of the Father, The Life, The

Word of God, Rabbi, Only Begotten Son, King of the Jews, Bread of Life, Firstborn of All Creation, Root of

David, Savior of the World, The Nazorean, Lamb of God, Light of the World, Prince of Peace, Prince, The

Good Shephard, The Mediator, Bright Morning Star, Chief Cornerstone,  Servant, The Chosen One,

Intercessor. There are more but these are the most recognizable.

 Names for The Holy Spirit the Bible:

The Spirit, The Holy Spirit of God, Spirit of the Living God, The Eternal Spirit, The Advocate, The Helper,

Spirit of the Lord, Comforter, Spirit of Truth. There are more but these are the most recognizable.

For a complete list of titles go to:


 Who is God the Father?

What is the nature of your relationship with Him? By what name do you call Him?







 Who is God the Son?

What is the nature of your relationship with Him? By what name do you call Him?







Who is God the Holy Spirit?

What is the nature of your relationship with Him? By what name do you call Him?






What is Prayer?

The dictionary version of prayer is “A solemn request for help or an expression of thanks addressed to God

or an object of worship”. The Catholic Catechism version of prayer is “The raising of one’s mind and heart to

God or the requesting of good things from God”. But prayer can be so much more! Prayer is interaction with

God. Prayer is borne of love, founded in relationship, grounded in faith and fueled by grace. It is a lifelong

journey of experience, revelation and growth.

 Prayer is interaction with God. Interaction is described as action between two or more persons or things so

as to have an effect on another; to act reciprocally. The most prominent example of interaction is the

interactivity of social networking. There is Facebook, Linkedin, Facetime. Skype, Twitter, Instagram, Text,

Email, Play Station, X Box, online gaming, Fantasy Sports and you can even interact with some TV shows.

It used to be just telephone, mail and telegram. It has evolved and so can we. Interactivity is the hob nob

and be all of todays’ social relationships. Why can’t we interact with God? If we speak to God, he will speak

to us. There are no fees to pay, no equipment to buy, no special talent required and the result will be “the

peace that surpasses all understanding”.

(2) After reflecting on the preceding segment are you inclined to add to or change your goal? Place your

answer on line 2 of the first page.


Prayer is borne of love, founded in relationship, grounded in faith and fueled by grace.

God loved us from the first moment of our conception. God’s love (agape) is perfect, unconditional and

everlasting. He loves use when we are good and when we are bad. He rejoices over our courage, our

compassion and our love even as we struggle with temptation. He enjoys touching our heart, helping us

grow in holiness and giving us a taste of heaven right now. He is powerful, loving and patient. He delights

when his children seek Him in prayer. He enjoys spending time with us and loves the opportunity to give us

peace and direction, to teach us and to form us. Words alone could never capture divine reality. But one

thing is for sure; God’s love for us is firm and unchanging. It is foundational to who we are and what we can

become. At Baptism, we are given the capacity to love God in a new and wonderful way, even though we

don’t know it yet. At Confirmation, we are given the unction and power to intensify that love. How we

respond is a matter of free will. If we chose to accept and return God’s love for us, our love grows and our

faith in God increases. As our faith increases, so does our trust as the natural extension of faith. As our trust

in God is realized, our love grows. This cycle can only be broken by us.

Look at our own relationships. It starts with an introduction, then small talk. We talk about likes and dislikes

to find a common ground. When and if we do, the conversations take on a more personal and intense form.

We believe in on another and form a bond of trust. If that bond of trust is not broken, the relationship thrives

and grows. If that trust is betrayed, the relationship regresses and may die. God will always be faithful to us,

we need to be faithful to God.

Grace is the Red Bull of spirituality. Grace is unmerited divine assistance for our regeneration or

sanctification. It energizes us and helps us to overcome pressures and temptations that threaten or belittle

the tenacity of our prayer life. It helps us to be a better person. It gives us a boost when we need without the

crash of caffeine or sugar. The best source of grace is frequent reception of the Eucharist and through

Reconciliation. (3) After reflecting on the preceding segment are you inclined to add to or change your goal?

Place your answer on line 3 of the first page.








Prayer is a lifelong journey of revelation, experience and growth.

        All journeys have a destination. They have a route. Do we use a map, a GPS or do we wing it? Do we

take a car, boat, plane or on foot? Do we run, walk, crawl? Some journeys go fast while others go slow.

Some are exciting and some are dull. Every journey has its ups and downs. When we reach a fork in the

road we have to make a decision. There are breakdowns and delays. Sometimes we just got to stop and

rest. Sometimes we are so exhilarated we want to fly.

            Every journey is different. Each one decides how the journey will progress. There are going to be

instances in a prayer life where we don’t feel the presence or power of God. God is faithful and will never

abandon us. Persevere in prayer!

            God reveals himself to us in varied ways. There are times when he speaks to us directly vocally,

speaks to our hearts and minds and speaks to us through the words and expressions of other people, in

homilies and   even through our enemies. He speaks to us in the written word of the Bible, in articles,

journals, religious periodicals and in pamphlets. He speaks to us through radio and TV and nature. We

need to open and aware to when and what He is revealing to us. His revelation to us deepens our

knowledge of Him. Experience is gained through knowledge and repetition. The more experience we gain,

the more we grow in our prayer life. Sometimes we simply need to ask Him. He will not deny our spiritual

request. It will thrill His heart! “Seek and you will find”. (4) After reflecting on the preceding segment are you

inclined to add to or change your goal? Place your answer on line 4 of the first page.

Quotes on Prayer

“Prayer enlarges heart until it is capable of containing God’s gift of Himself. Ask and seek, and your heart

will grow big enough to receive Him and to keep Him as your own.” Mother Theresa

 “Prayer is directing our affections toward God; it is a devout and friendly talk with Him. It is the tranquility of

mind illuminating from above”. Sermons of St. Anthony

 “The Lord manifests himself to those who pause while in peace and humility of heart. If you look into the

murky and turbulent waters, you cannot see your own face. If you want to see the face of Christ appears in

your countenance, pause, collect your thoughts in silence, and shut the door of the soul to the noise of

exterior things.” Sermons of St. Anthony







Practicum on PrayerType your paragraph here.

The Son continued

            “Come to me. Come sit with me for a few moments. Come, tell me your troubles, your hopes, your

dreams. Let me soothe your mind and your spirit. Enjoy my company, and let me enjoy you. Learn from me.

Learn my love for you. Learn my delight in you. Let me tell you my thoughts and desires for you. Let me tell you

about my Father: about his compassion, kindness and faithfulness. I will give you rest. I will lift you up. I will

pour out grace, mercy and forgiveness. Sit with me. Rest in me. Receive my teaching.”

 Sample prayer:

            “Lord Jesus, I am amazed at how much love and forgiveness you have poured into my life. You are the

only one who can empower me to be merciful as you are merciful. You are the star that lights my path. Open

my eyes to you glory. Strengthen my faith and keep me close by your side. I want to be a light of hope and

consolation to others. I consecrate myself to you today.” “Reprinted with permission of The Word Among Us,, 1-800-775-9673.”

Formulate your own prayer to the Son:







The Holy Spirit

 “The Holy Spirit lives in us. He longs to speak to us. All he is looking for is an open heart. All he needs is for us

to listen, watch, and wait in faith. The moment we believe that God wants to speak to us, is the moment that we

begin to hear-faintly at first, but then more and more strongly-his words of hope and inspiration.”

Sample prayer:

             “Come Holy Spirit and fill me with the fire of your love. Remind me that Jesus is my first love and that

anything else is secondary. Help me to hear your voice throughout the day so that I can especially hear you

when things get tough.  Holy Spirit, help me to guard my mind. Teach me to hear your voice despite the

distractions and temptations that come my way. May my peace spread to everyone I meet today. ““Reprinted

with permission of The Word Among Us,, 1-800-775-9673.”

 Create your own prayer to the Holy Spirit:







The Holy Spirit continued

             “The Holy Spirit has been with me since baptism. He’s the one behind those gentle nudges I get to say

a kind word or call a friend in distress. He’s also the one who prompts me to speak out against evil and avoid

doing anything displeasing to God. He wants to fill my heart to overflowing, and through me, to renew the face

of the earth!”

Sample prayer:

             “Spirit of revelation, gracious gift of the Father and the Son, you don’t just me now and then. You dwell

in me always, just as you dwell in the church. As Jesus promised, let your word spring fearlessly to my lips

every time I have the opportunity to acknowledge Jesus to those around me. Come, Spirit, fill me. Give me

power and wisdom so that I can walk in justice, kindness, and humility before God and before my neighbor.”

 “Reprinted with permission of The Word Among Us,, 1-800-775-9673.”

 Create your own prayer to the Holy Spirit:








             “God finds great joy in you! He delights in your faith, even as he sees the pockets of unbelief. He

rejoices over your courage, your compassion, and your love, even as he sees your struggles with temptation.

He enjoys touching your heart, helping you grow in holiness, and giving you a taste of heaven right now-all

because he loves you.

There is so much we don’t understand about God and Heaven. Words alone could never capture divine reality.

But there is one thing we can be sure of: God’s love for each and every one of us is firm. It is unchanging. It is

foundational to who we are and what we can become. Every hope and dream, every desire and longing, every

purpose and goal in our lives find its fulfillment in God and the home he has prepared for us. God has a perfect

plan for you. He rejoices in you now, and he can’t wait for the day when you will finally see him face to face.”

“Reprinted with permission of The Word Among Us,, 1-800-775-9673.”

 Sample Prayer:

Dear Lord, I thank you for this day. I thank You for being able to see and to hear this morning. I’m blessed

because You are a forgiving God and an understanding God. You have done so much for me and You keep on

blessing me. Forgive me this day for everything I have done or said or thought that was not pleasing to You. I

ask now for your forgiveness.

Please keep me safe from all danger and harm. Help me to start this day with a new attitude and plenty of

gratitude. Let me make the best of each and every day to clear my mind so that I can hear from You. Let me

not whine and whimper over things  that I have no control. It’s the best response when I am pushed beyond my


I know that when I can’t pray, You listen to my heart. Continue to use me to do Your will. Continue to bless me

that I may be a blessing to others. Keep me strong that I may help the weak. Keep me uplifted that I may have

words of encouragement for others. I pray for those that are lost and can’t find their way. I pray for those that

are misjudged and misunderstood. I pray for those who don’t know You intimately.  I pray for those who don’t

believe in You.

I thank you that I believe. I believe that God changes things. I pray for all my sisters and brothers and for each

and every family member in their households. I pray for peace, love and joy in their homes and that they are out

of debt and all their needs are met. I pray that every eye that reads this and every ear that hears this knows

that there is no problem, circumstance or situation greater than God. Every battle is in Your hands for You to

fight, Almighty Father. I ask his through My Lord, Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns with You and The Holy

Spirit, one God, forever and ever. Amen. (Author unknown)

.Create your own prayer to God:







Now that you have created your own prayers individually, you incorporate God, the Father, the Son and the

Holy Spirit into one prayer. The following prayers are examples:

            “Heavenly Father, I come before You weak, humble and submissive but with a sense of expectancy for

the promises of your Word. I know your love for me will supply me with all my needs. I have a desire to do your

will in my life. This desire is in itself a gift from You and for this I thank you. But I do not know how to live the life

You have planned for me. Eternal Father, send me your Spirit to give me the knowledge to see your will in my

life. Give me the wisdom to understand my role in the Body of Christ, your Church. Give me the strength to

push aside the temptations of this world that widen the gap in our relationship. Give me the courage to stand

firm against adversity so that I may follow the Way, the Truth and the Life. Almighty God, increase my faith and

guide me toward a deeper relationship with You, with Jesus and with the Holy Spirit. Grant me this day a fresh

indwelling of  your Holy Spirit so that I may be empowered to follow the example of love set forth by your Son,

Jesus Christ. I thank you Father for giving me Jesus to suffer and die for my sins. I thank you for your

forgiveness. I thank you Jesus for giving up your glory and for shedding your blood so that I may be sanctified

to come into the presence of Your Father. I claim for myself and my family the protection in the power of Your

Most Precious Blood. I put on the full armor of God today. I use the truth as the belt around my waist. I use the

gospel of peace as my footgear. I hold up faith as my shield. I take salvation as my helmet and the word of God

as my sword of the spirit. Holy and Immortal God, you have given me free will. I freely and joyfully return it to

You this day. I consecrate this day, the good times, the sufferings and all it contains to You Heavenly Father. I

give you my body, my soul and my spirit. I dedicate my family and all my possessions to You Most Loving

Father. I give you my freedom, my memory and my understanding. All that I am and all that I hope to be is a gift

from you. I surrender it all to be guided by Your Will. I return it to you for Your Honor and Your Glory.

 Eternal Father, Your Grace and Your Love is all that I need. Mold me into the image of Your Son and make me

a true servant. I ask this through Christ, Our Lord.  Amen.”  (John Magurno, The Upper Room Prayer Group)


“Jesus, I want to set down the burdens I carry and step back from  the busyness of  today. I want to drink of

your living water.  I  want  to know you and  the  Father, and  to  remain  in  you  always. And so, Jesus, I come

to rest.

Father, I want you to be glorified in me today. Fill my heart with gladness for your blessings, so that I pour it

back in praise, and out to others as well. May I come to dwell in your presence. I praise you for revealing

yourself to me and for filling me with your grace.

Lord, I praise and glorify you.

Holy Spirit, thank you for the gift of your divine nature. May it fill my heart and transform me. Help me to receive

all that you want to give.”

“Reprinted with permission of The Word Among Us,, 1-800-775-9673.”

“Father, I want to please you in all that I do. May the words of my mouth and the thoughts in my heart be a

constant reflection of your love and grace. Thank you for your faithfulness to me. By your Holy Spirit, make me

teachable so that I may hear your voice and be filled with confidence that you are walking this path with me.

Thank you for your love for me. May my awareness of this love increase my hunger and thirst for you.

Glorious Jesus, you are the light for the world, hope for the hopeless and comfort for the lonely. I trust your

love, your kindness and your wisdom for me. I want to give you my life today, that I may have eternal life with

you. Lord, help me to choose to follow you with my whole life. I want to empty myself so that I can serve others.

I want to bear much fruit for your kingdom. There are times when it is hard for me to believe, but I know that

you will reveal yourself and the mysteries of life to guide me. Lord Jesus, teach me yourself. All praise to you,

Lord Jesus, for conquering death for me.

Come Holy Spirit, fill my heart today. I want to love you with everything in me, and to love others, but I need

your love to do it. Spirit of the living God, cleanse my heart from within and let me overflow with the waters of

new life. Help me to keep my eyes open. Show me the way that you want me to live. Reach out to me when

you see me going astray and falling asleep. I so need your grace today. Take my hands, take my mind, take my

heart so that I can become the person you designed me to be- a living sacrifice in praise of the Lord. I

surrender all to you and to your mighty power working within me. Use me as you will to further your kingdom”

Reprinted with permission of The Word Among Us,, 1-800-775-9673.”.”

 I ask this through Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with the Father and the Holy Spirit, forever and ever.


 Psalm 100.4 states, “Enter the temple gates with praise and its courts with thanksgiving”. This passage refers

to the gates surrounding the Temple in Jerusalem and the courtyard around the temple. This is where Jesus

overturned the tables of the money changers. Beyond the courtyard are the steps that lead up to the Holy of

Holies. There is a curtain separating the outside from the inside where the Ark of the Covenant resides. This

was considered the presence of God where only the High Priest may enter. When Jesus died on the cross, the

curtain was torn in two demonstrating that Jesus has now made it possible for all who believe to enter into the

presence of God. So it behooves us to enter His gates with praise and His courts with thanksgiving. The

following prayers are examples:


 Prayer of Thanksgiving

 “Lord, I thank you for all the little things you have done for me. I thank you for giving me parking places when I

needed them and for finding my keys when I misplaced them. I thank you for all the times of laughter and

happiness. I thank you just as much for the times of pain and suffering-even though they did not come from

you-because they moved me to turn to you for consolation and comfort.

I thank you, Lord, for my family and the friends you have placed in my life. Help me love them more. Show me

how I can be a better servant to them. Show me how to draw my loved ones who have gone astray back to


I thank you for all the times you brought me back to you. All too often, I have done what I wanted to do. Not

often enough did I do what you were calling me to do. Yet you are always there, reaching out to me and calling

my name. When I do repent, I feel you pouring your mercy on me and forgiving my sins.

Thank you, Lord, for giving me the Bread of Life. I become what I eat. I see my development as a person

influenced by what I eat. I see my desire for you increase because of what I eat. I see my love of others grow

because of what I eat. I see a power at work in me, and I know it is not of me. I know it is you abiding in me.

You are the best thing that has ever happened to me.

I thank you for the Church, which never gives up on me. Of course, we are a Church of sinners who makes

mistakes and hurt each other. But we are also a Church of saints- the gathering of “a chosen race, a royal

priesthood, a holy nation, a people of his own”(1 Peter 2:9). Lord, may your Church, of which you are the head,

be blessed by you, be drawn closer to you, and be more loving toward everyone.”

“Reprinted with permission of The Word Among Us,, 1-800-775-9673.”

 Formulate your own prayer of Thanksgiving;







Prayer of Praise

            “Lord, I praise you for your incredible, never ending mercy! I proclaim that you are powerful and mighty

to save. When I was lost in sin, you came and rescued me. You forgave me and took on yourself the weight of

all my shame and guilt. By your death on the cross, you destroyed death. You tore the veil that separated me

from my heavenly Father. Now, in victory of your resurrection, I am brought back to him. I can rise with you to

eternal life. I praise you as King of kings, and Lord of Lords

            Lord, I praise you for your undying love. You said you would never leave us or forsake us. You loved us

so much that you gave us the Holy Spirit-now we can live in the power of the resurrection. By your Spirit, we

can know freedom from sin. We can pull down strongholds of anger, greed, pride, and anxiety. We can proudly

proclaim that by your own blood and the word of our testimony we are set free. We can sleep soundly, with a

restful spirit because we know that you are with us at all times. Thank you for tending to all our needs and for

leading us in all truth. I praise you, Jesus, for you are the way, the truth, and the life.

            Lord, I thank you for giving us your body and blood so that we will never hunger or thirst again. At every

Mass, you come down to the altar, ready to lift us up to heaven as we eat and drink. Praise to you, Jesus, that

through Holy Communion, we can be healed and strengthened, raised up and made whole. Day after day, our

hearts can become more united with yours. Day after day, we can receive a deeper experience of your love!”

 “Reprinted with permission of The Word Among Us,, 1-800-775-9673.”


Formulate your own prayer of Praise;








A Prayer For You


I pray that all your needs be met.

May the peace of God and the freshness of

the Holy Spirit rest in your thoughts, rule

in your dreams, and conquer all you fears.

 May God manifest Himself today in ways

that you never have experienced.

 May your joys be fulfilled, your dreams

closer, and your prayers answered.

 I pray that faith enters a new height in you;

 I pray that your territory is enlarged and

that you step into your destiny within your


I pray for peace, health, and happiness

with the true and undying love of God.




Rejoice in the Lord always. I shall say it again: rejoice!   Your kindness should be known to all. The Lord is

near. Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests

know to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in

Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:4-7


Written, compiled and edited by John Magurno


Portions reprinted with permission of The Word Among Us,

 7115 Guilford Dr #100, Frederick, MD  21704

 (2006-2017),, 1-800-775-9673.”


©John, Insights Into Spirituality 2017

When and How to Pray

 Anytime is a good time to pray. But it is best to set aside a specific time daily as it lends to a strong discipline. No

matter what time you pray or how often, Jesus tells us “Go to your inner room, close the door and pray to the Father

in secret” (Matthew 6:6). He is not referring to a physical room but a spiritual place internally.  When Jesus says

close the door, he means we need to learn how to remove the obstacles and distractions so as to quiet the noise of

the world for a while. “One meaning of silence is stillness and being focused. Silence fosters contemplation, the need

to be in touch with our inner self,”(Fr. Eugene Hemrick, Up Front & Personal 2012). In our inner room we unite with

the Father and quietly seek his mind and heart. As we sense His love and presence, we can spent time immersing

ourselves in His love and hear His voice. (9) After reflecting on all that you have read and heard, what is your final










            “We all know what it is like to experience a sense of dryness in prayer. It’s hard to motivate ourselves. We

feel as if we are talking to a wall, not the Lord. We don’t feel any consolation or affirmation as we try to connect with

the Spirit. We may wonder what God is doing or whether he is listening to us at all. These are times when we

shouldn’t give up!

            Times of dryness in prayer are wonderful opportunities to build a foundation of faith. As any builder knows,

you want your foundation to be solid and unshakeable. Uncomfortable though they are, these dry periods give us a

chance to build our prayer life on the solid truths of our faith and not just on our emotions, which come and go. Dry

periods should urge us to spend our prayer time recalling the awesome attributes of God and not just looking for

good feelings.

            One good strategy for building our prayer life this way is to spend time contemplating the Creed. Tell the Lord

you believe in everything stated there. Don’t just look for God’s comfort. Look for His truth. Look how he has fulfilled

so many promises. Believe he is still at work, even in hidden ways. Look at the cross and place your faith in Jesus’

resurrection, even if you don’t feel like a new creation at that moment.      Don’t give up! Strengthen your weak

knees. Persevere. Know God always rewards those who persist in chasing after him!”

                       “Jesus, thank you for showing me your love. Thank you, too, for those times of dryness, when you call

me to seek you more deeply. I know that you are making me strong in your spirit, and I trust in your wisdom“.

Reprinted with permission of The Word Among Us,, 1-800-775-9673.””


Body Language and Gestures

            They can break down and lead to greater freedom in our relationship with God. Some suggestions are;

Lift arms in praise;

Dance for joy;

Jump or stomp for the excitement of the moment;

Lie prostrate in prayer









Insights Into Spirituality



                “We all know that that God wants to reveal himself to us through Scripture. But just like everything else in

Christian life, Scripture won’t just magically make sense. We need to cooperate with the Spirit, and that takes some

time, some attention and some perseverance. The following suggestions can help us hear the Lord as you read His


 Select a scripture passage that you want to read. Maybe a passage from daily or Sunday Mass;

Don’t read it right away, but begin with a prayer. If you feel like humming or singing a hymn, do it;

When you feel ready, read the Scripture passage you have chosen;

Read it again slowly, dwelling on the words that struck you or left an impression;

Use your imagination to place yourself in the scene described in the passage;

Imagine that Jesus is sitting across from you and is telling you the story himself;

Be still. During this quiet period, some words or pictures may bubble up in your thoughts. This may be God speaking

to you-especially if the images and thoughts lead you closer to Christ, fill you with hope or stir your heart to love and


Try to write down what you feel God is saying to you;

Close with a prayer praise and thanksgiving.

God wants to reveal himself to us in Scripture. Only by quiet reflection will learn to hear His voice.” “Reprinted with

permission of The Word Among Us,, 1-800-775-9673.”

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Transformation through Revelation

“What can we expect when we accept Jesus’ invitation to come and see? Here are just a few of the more common


We experience a deep desire to give our lives to Jesus. His love sparks a new and deeper love in us.

Revelation can lead to a deeper appreciation for God; who he is and what he did through the cross. The Holy Spirit

may show us more of god’s eternal attributes; his omnipotence, his perfection and his justice.

Revelation often leaves us with a deep sense of peace, love or joy. It may happen because we see how much Jesus

loves us. It may happen because we see his mercy in a new way or because we trust that he has us in the palm of His


Sometimes revelation moves us to change an area in our lives that is not in right order. It may move us to receive the

Sacrament of Reconciliation for a special grace to repent and strengthen our conviction to change.

Revelation can also have a powerful effect on the burdens of life we carry. We may experience a God lifting our

burdens. People with life threatening illnesses are comforted; people with family problems or financial challenges are

energized; and people who are guilt ridden find new hope.

Revelation can also point to the church. The Holy Spirit may show us how his grace and love are upon his people.”

“Reprinted with permission of The Word Among Us,, 1-800-775-9673.”

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Elements of Prayer

Worship………...abject adoration of God in acknowledgement of who He is.


Praise…………….abject adoration of God in acknowledgement for what He has done.


Thanksgiving...thanking God for what he has done.


Petition…………asking God for something.


Repentance…..asking God for forgiveness.


Forgiveness…..forgiving those that have hurt us.


Chit Chat………conversation with God.


This is key in developing a strong relationship with God.  God wants us to be open, honest and obedient. He wants a

relationship that is fluid with thoughts, desires and promises flowing back and forth with Him and us. This kind of

relationship will sustain us in difficulties, allow us to withstand temptation and encourage us to stand firm. Our

relationship with God should then be open, honest, fluid and intimate. He wants us to feel comfortable telling Him

everything-just as we should be willing to hear everything he has to say to us.

“So don’t be afraid to be yourself with God. Share your ups and downs, your complaints, doubts and grumbles with

Him. He won’t be offended. Just be sure that you are open to hearing the answers. Your Father cares about every

detail of your life. Even now, he is waiting to talk with you about everything and anything.”  “Reprinted with permission

of The Word Among Us,, 1-800-775-9673.”

Required reading: “the practice of the presence of God” by brother Lawrence

                             Published by Whitaker House ©1982

                             1030 Hunt Valley Circle

                            New Kensington, PA 15068


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Predisposition of the Heart and Mind for Prayer

As we enter into prayer, we need to approach God with humility, surrender ourselves over to Him and, in faith, be

open to receive whatever the Lord wants to give us and be thankful for it.

 Humility stems from true reverence for the majesty of God. Only when we are “in awe and wonder” for who God is

and what God does, can we be completely humble. God resists the proud and welcomes the humble.

 The practical and eventual extension of faith is trust. The validation of that trust, through experience, increases our

faith, leads to even greater trust and promotes love and gratitude.


(Facilitator) God’s power and glory and victory are supreme. Confusion, disloyalty, turmoil, and even death cannot

defeat God’s plan. He is stronger and wiser and more creative than anything that comes against him.

 (Presider) “Father, We proclaim that You are God Almighty, our God and God of our ancestors throughout all time.

You are the Rock of our lives, the Shield of our salvation in every generation. We thank You and praise You for lives

that are in Your hand, for our souls that are in Your charge, for Your miracles that daily attend us, and for Your

wonders and gifts that accompany us, evening, morning, and noon. You are good, Your mercy everlasting; You are

compassionate, Your kindness never-ending. We place our trust in You.”


(Facilitator) Faith is the foundation of the church. It is by faith in Jesus that we experience the Spirit alive in us. It is by

faith in Him that we can be brought into the presence of the Lord and receive all the blessings that God has in store

for us. And it is by faith in the power of Jesus’ resurrection that we can experience our own freedom from sin, death

and fear.


(Presider) “Jesus, I place my trust in you. I want the kind of relationship with you that comes through faith. Lord, for I

know you will never disappoint me.”


(Facilitator) All of me belongs to God-my entire being. My heart, mind, will and strength belong to Him. My love and

affections belong to Him, along with my time, energy, talent and earthly treasures. Even my weaknesses belong to

Him-my faults and failures, my past hurts and current wounds, my brokenness and loneliness. My best days and my

worst days belong to Him. Everything is his.

 (Presider) “Father, I acknowledge that I am yours, and I give my life to you. I trust in whatever plans you have for me.

Please guide me according to your perfect will.”


(Facilitator) As God continues to help me to open my heart to him, I am transformed bit by bit. The most important

changes I experience does not come as a result of spectacular events but from the ordinary events of my day. I leave

behind the marks of my old life as selfishness gives way to service, wasted time becomes opportunities for prayer,

and the approval of God eclipses human praise.

   (Presider) “Father, without hesitation or fear I open myself to you.  Deepen the conversion of my heart, and let me

experience greater intimacy with you. May my experience of your vast love inspire and strengthen me to love and

serve others.”


(Facilitator) God wants to give us a vision for our lives and the life of the church. He wants to reveal his ways to us-

personally, in our hearts, not just theoretically and in our minds.

 (Presider) “Lord, today I put my trust in your promises. Take my heart and transform it with your love. Use my gifts to

build your kingdom. Remove every proud obstacle in my life that I may serve you in humility and joy. “


(Facilitator) Believing in Him and receiving Him means putting Him first, doing His will and letting him transform us. It

means being completely satisfied with him and thanking Him.

(Presider) “Father, I want to thank you with my whole heart today. I am amazed that before the world was creted you

knew and loved me. Thank you for leading me to and revealing your love for me. Take me closer to your heart Father.

I want to be faithful, just as you are faithful.”

“Reprinted with permission of The Word Among Us,, 1-800-775-9673.”


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